Monday, October 5, 2009

English Translation of "MY LONELY TOWN" by B'z

I will polish the English later, and will have things to change since the original lyrics haven't been shown officially yet.

"MY LONELY TOWN" by B'z (the original lyrics here)

We, friends gather under the light, and then talk and laugh
But it's impossible for anyone to understand each other

People are creatures that live their own life
We shouldn't forget about that

In this town where everybody's walking alone,
If I could meet you one day, that would be a wonderful incident
This is my lonely town under the moonlight

I can't stop thinking people who don't realize a little emotion are clumsy guys
But they might be laughing at me having the same thought

Can't stay alone anymore, everybody has a moment to feel so
It's different from impossible love
Touching my wandering heart

I somehow find that I can be in sympathy with someone, and then barely feel the same

In this town where everybody's walking alone, we all are having different dreams
Looking for another side of ourselves secretly so that we don't have to hide anything

If I can't stay here forever, let's just get away from here and travel
But I will be back here someday cause I can't dislike my lonely town
Touching my wandering heart

Translated by Koh
English Advisor : Gail


  1. Thanks for the translation! I love this man's lyrics.

  2. I think this song will be in my 5 fav B'z songs out of thier 500 songs :P

  3. Thank you so much! I love this song and have been looking for an English translation for a while. ありがとうよ。

  4. Glad I could help!! This song's real good